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The tools to UP your extension game

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

She's baaaaaack, y'all. I'm back with another recommendation post. Highly requested, what else can you purchase to make your life as an extensionist easier. Well, I'm here to help. :)

If you missed it, check out this post to read the basic starters you need as a beginner extensionist.

So now you've done some installs, and thinking you want to do more. Congrats! Welcome to the obsession that is hair extensions! So here are some awesome tools that will help make your installs quicker, easier or just more convenient.

First things first, when your doing k-tip extensions and you want to customize the size, you may be using scissors or something right now, but kinda difficult. So you should get these end nippers to cut them. These are basic wire cutters which snip through the ktip in any direction like butter!

Another awesome thing for ktips are these small heat shields. I mentioned them in the previous post, but now that you've been doing this a while, these are more controllable so I would for sure try them out.

This is another thing I like to have for applying the baby keratin tips, is this heat tool. It has a little small tip than most and can hold it almost like a pen.

If you're into doing wefts, and using the Bellami Volume Wefts, you need a seam ripper, and I love this one! The handle makes is super easy to use and deconstructs the wefts like butttta.

When you're getting into tapes, you may occasionally have the client who's tapes leave some residue on the natural hair. I like to keep this c-22 around just in case. DO NOT use that on the tapes themselves. It is only to remove residue left in the hair.

Another tool that a lot of extensionists love is a ring style sectioner or a quick pik. These you can wear on whatever finger makes you feel comfortable and help keep clean sections without juggling so many tools. The one I linked has multiple sizes and colors.

I also like to have some sort of extension holder like Easi-weft/bond, that you can purchase through Hair Made Easi. (use code EllaD10 to get $$ off gour purchase!) It gives you a place to hold and store extensions during colors, washing, drying etc. and seriously makes your life easssssyyyyy.

Do you have more tricks and tools you use to make applying extensions easier for ya? Let me know in the comments, because I'd love to add them to the list!!!

Thanks for reading. <3


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