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The Bellami Master Certification Course covers all 4 methods that Bellami offers. To enhance your class experience we provide a state of the art kit with all the tools you could need to get started.  We also include business building strategies, digital marketing, social media growth hints, and real life tips and tricks for your extension business.

BellaMi wants you to have the best experience possible using their extensions. That is why we as educators have been exclusively selected and extensively trained to be able to share all the knowledge you need to be successful behind the chair. We teach you how to apply tape ins, ktips, itips, and sew in weft applications. We share all of our experience and collective knowledge with you to help you provide the best, most integrity focused application and client experience.

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Interested in a private class?
Pricing varies based on the number of stylists in the class (Between 1-15) and the type of class you want. Each private class is customized to fit exactly what you are looking for.
I offer advanced training with Keratin bonds, Micro bonding, Weft applications, including hidden/invisible/no show.

Please fill out the form below and I will contact you with more information! 

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