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About Me

Ella is a professional hairstylist based in North Texas and working across the US, specializing in hair extensions and color transformations, who has a passion for all things beautiful. She believes that every person should feel beautiful and aims to help in that mission by treating her clients like they deserve and educating stylists to do the best for their clients.​

Ella's main focus in recent years has transitioned into a passion for helping other stylists elevate their careers. She teaches hair extensions, business building, social media and more, to other hair stylists because collaboration over competition is everything.

Ella was born and raised in Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma State University before going to cosmetology school. She is Paul Mitchell school trained and has since developed a passion for continuing her education and attends many classes to help her further her craft. She is a Beauty Coach and Academy Ramirez Tran trainee. She is certified in Waterfall Beaded Row method of weft application. Ella is also a BellaMi Hair Professional Senior Educator & Brand Ambassador. Contact her or BellaMi to request a class for your stylists!​

Instagram: @EllaDBeauty 
TikTok: @EllaDBeauty

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